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New Years
Level Up
30-Day Challenge

Starts January 3, 2022

This is the time of year when there is an

overwhelming temptation to eat more and move less. The purpose of this challenge is to help you jumpstart healthy habits and maintain success.

You will:​

  • Structured Meal Plans with fun & easy recipes

  • Nutrition Guidance

  • Mindset Teachings

  • Sample Workout Plans 

  • Weekly Group Check-ins

  • Exclusive Support Group



Most programs focus on exercise, nutrition or both. However, lasting change starts with mindset. Our mindset determines our believes and actions. On Mindset Mondays, during the challenge, learn to identify self-sabotaging beliefs and negative thought processes. Aquire the skills to replace them with an empowering mindset that will place you on a path to making your dreams reality! 

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Power Habits

Research shows that over 50% of human behavior is habitual. We are essentially wired to run on autopilot the majority of the time. This is good news! Learn how to transform your life through the implementation of, "Power Habits," that align with your desired results.


We are wholistic beings. In order to have lasting transformation there has to be a wholistic change. The NewYears Level Up Challenge  30-Day Challenge is designed to equip you with the tools you will need to experience lasting change for a vibrant empowered life. 


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​“The greatest wealth is health.”

- Virgil