Toni Jackson

Wellness Educator


Hi! I'm Toni.

Congratulations on taking the first step toward  a healthier life!  The purpose of this site, is to educate and empower individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes that will result in a vibrant abundant life. Here you will learn about plant-based nutrition and how the power of plants can help you to reach and sustain your wellness goals.

Story Time...
 I suffered from inflammation in my joints for years. The only solution doctors gave me was to take prescription medication.  Having been raised in a family where health and fitness were a huge part of our values I knew that prescription meds would never be a viable long-term solution for me.

Making smoothies was the catalyst that transitioned me into a plant-based diet and my healing. Further education in Health and Wellness is the result of that journey. As a Masters level educator in both elementary and adult education with a background in human behavior I am passionate about informing individuals as they develop their knowledge based in areas that will positively impact their lives.