A Smoothie a Day!

I suffered from inflammation in my joints for many years. The only solution doctors gave me was to take 800mg of Ibuprofen. Having been raised in a family where wholistic health was a huge part of our values, I knew that prescription medications would never be a viable long-term solution for me. I began to research how inflammation was created in the body, what its purpose is and what happens when it gets out of control. I began to apply what I'd learned by making changes to my diet to consume more whole foods.

If you follow my Instagram account, @plantpoweredtoni, you know I adore smoothies and rightfully so. Making smoothies was the catalyst that transitioned me into a plant-based diet and my healing. It allowed me to consume more fruit and vegetables than I otherwise would. Giving my body the nutrients that it needed not only alleviated the inflammation, but it also increased my energy and helped me to lose weight in a healthy way.

With all the benefits they possess, there's no wonder why they improve your health and leave you feeling great! Here are five reasons why you should consider adding a daily smoothie, (or two), to your diet. Smoothies are:

  1. Immune System Boosters When you consume smoothies, your system is flooded with phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals in abundance. This helps your body stay strong and increase your body's ability to ward off illness.

  2. High in Nutrients Smoothies are made with a variety of fruits and/or vegetables. Each has their unique health benefits. Not only are they full of vitamins, minerals, and micro nutrients, but also super antioxidants.

  3. Time Savers Smoothies are a great choice on the go! They take less than five minutes to make and easily pour into your favorite tumbler making them easy to transport and enjoy.

  4. Easy to Digest It would be a challenge to consume the number and portions of fruits and vegetables in one meal, that are used in a smoothie. When it’s deliciously blended in a smoothie, you still get all of the fiber, nutrients, and health benefits.

  5. Easily Absorbed Many people don’t chew their food sufficiently to maximize absorption in the digestive process. Since smoothies are blended to a smooth consistency, it is ready for digestion. This allows for maximum absorption of all the vital nutrients.

With all these benefits and more, smoothies are a delicious way to feel awesome everyday! For amazing smoothie recipes, checkout my recipe index.

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